my birthday!

For my birthday I woke up to this...
HJ had actually given away the secret the night before, but it was still cute to see him so excited to suprise me.
 Oppa said that when they went to buy the balloons HJ insisted on getting the party horn and the lightning Mcqueen hats. He told daddy that mommy was going to LOVE them and he just had to get them... and I did love them!
 He even yield his stokke chair for me to sit on.  hahaha (reason why I'm looking extra tall)
During the day I got a package from the mail and it was my present from my hubby.  Oppa usually has the hardest time picking out gifts for me.  He says I'm the hardest person to shop for and I don't blame him, I have heard these comments from the others before. So this year, I just let him know what I wanted. The classic Billingham camera bag!  I absolutly LOVE it. Thanks Honey bunny~~~

I also got this wonderful card from HJ with a paper flower made out of pink construction paper.(with help from daddy) Can you guess what the drawing is?  it's a birthday cake with flying candles~~~~~~~~~~ ^ ^
from my boys~  so sweet.... I am the luckest women alive.
During the day of my birthday Oppa was actually away on a bussness trip to a different city. But he canceled dinner appointment so he could come home  to take me out to a birthday dinner.  It was deliciouse~

after dinner we found out that our vallet parking man scrached our car and our front bummper came off on one side but even that couldn't ruin my birthday~ ^0^


  1. Happy birthday and 생일축하합니다 (though it's a little late now)! It looks like you had a lovely and loving birthday celebration. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. You have such a beautiful family ! Happy bday :)

  3. oh it makes me so happy to see you so happy with your life and your adorable family! i just grinned the whole time reading this post because i can feel ur happiness and it makes me happy too. :) i love you and miss you!!!

  4. my gorgeous leeraeya~ happy belated birthday hun! I'm so glad you had a special day! I hope you have another beautiful year! Miss you! Take care!

    love you!

    ayoung unni <3

  5. So cute! (Both your son and Saeheon!) :) And Chelsea, you are so gorgeous!

  6. Happy happy birthday! It looks like you were well taken care of! Love you!

  7. Awww, happy birthday!!!! It looks you had a blast. That birthday card just melts my heart!!! So cute.

  8. Happy birthday! The pasta looks soo good!

  9. @charmalaid I didn't know you were korean:)
    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes~~~~ ^ ^