letter to santa

HJ wrote to Santa last month.  He was so excited that I had to run and grab my camera. I'm loving his face where his licking the envelope, he said that it tasted terrible. I know his been very good this year so I hope Santa got the letter safe and sound.


Traditional 1st birthday party

we had a traditional korean birthday party for our little guy.  it was a quite beautiful little party with just family.  WJ grabbed a brush and money. i guess we foresee a little wealthy scholar in our hand.  happy birthday sweet love. thanks for coming to our little family.  you truly are a miracle in our lives.  thanks for your unconditional love despite my imperfections as a mother.  i love you and i will always love you forever and always...


birthday boy part 2

here are more of those photos that i promised...  enjoy!


birthday boy part 1

for WJ's up coming birthday, we had some studio photographs taken.  they are so cute that i had to share...  stay tuned, i have some more coming up!


I spy a tooth!

so, this baby is just one month away from being one year old and finally his first tooth is started to show! i think HJ had his first tooth when he was only four months!
my goodness... i just can't get enough of that smile. and look at that droplet of drool on his chin. ^ ^


first day of school

let me introduce you to our new kindergardener!

 it has been a long waited day.  HJ was very excited and nervous all at the same time. we walked him to his class and we met his teacher and sat down to color his name.

 when it was time for us to leave, he got a  little nervous and cried a little...

well, lets just say that this made it really really hard for us to leave...



back in june HJ had his very first soccer tournament.  i am officially a soccer mom!
 this little side kick loved seeing his big brothers in the field.

they played against four teams that day and they won the first place!

 go HJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was so proud of him self.
it just warms my heart to see this little stud so grown up!
HJ we're so very proud of you!


evidence of june

so, what happened to the month of June? how did that month just disappear? good thing there's some evidence of June in my phone. the biggest thing that happened is that we moved! HJ was little sad to say his goodbyes to all of his friends but he's adjusting well and loving the new home.  oh, and WJ started to crawl just a few days ago! he's growing up so fast! i just wish i had a pause button cause i wake up in the morning and it seems as if this baby bunny has grown few inches.  other then that we had lots of farewell parties before the move and afterwards lots of time organizing and cleaning.


HJ was here...

 after putting the baby to sleep i came out of the room and this is what i found. a little space he had created with his name on it.  sooooooo adorable