evidence of june

so, what happened to the month of June? how did that month just disappear? good thing there's some evidence of June in my phone. the biggest thing that happened is that we moved! HJ was little sad to say his goodbyes to all of his friends but he's adjusting well and loving the new home.  oh, and WJ started to crawl just a few days ago! he's growing up so fast! i just wish i had a pause button cause i wake up in the morning and it seems as if this baby bunny has grown few inches.  other then that we had lots of farewell parties before the move and afterwards lots of time organizing and cleaning.


  1. Seriously, do you get strangers coming up to you all the time and squishing that kids face? Or is that just me? You guys make beautiful kids. Korea seams like a lot more fun that Provo.

    1. Kory you and your sweet family are welcome to visit any time!

  2. such adorable pics!! that angry birds party is amazing!