Valentines day

For valentines I really wanted reese's peanut butter cups but guess what!
They don't sell them in Korea!

But its okay~ Oppa got me these cute little sea shell chocolates instead.

For dinner we went for some Indian food. Yum~
HJ was kind enough to sleep though our entire meal, so we were able to enjoy a quite dinner just the two of us.

After dinner there was a cute little aquariumfront in front of the restaurant .

HJ woke up right when we were leaving and was very confused by where he was.

He starred for a bit and then had a little accident right on his stroller...

He was so embarrassed and stressed for wetting his pants.
He finally relaxed when we got in the car and changed him in his spare clothes.
Its Okay babe, accidents happen, and plus you were delirious... ^ ^