first month

Our beautiful new baby is already one month old. 
 I don't know how this happened so fast. 
Between sleep and awake, time just flew by. 
 Already our little WJ has gotten so big!
awwwww can't he stay this way forever?


  1. CONGRATS!! Our babies are the same age!! How is it going managing 2 kids??

  2. Oh my Goodness he is absolutely gorgeous! He is already 1 month, that's crazy how did that happen. It seemed like just yesterday i heard you had the little bundle of joy! Glad all is well with momma and baby.....we need more pictures!

  3. Pearls and green tea: only one day apart! How fun ^ ^
    i'm still getting lots of help but in about two weeks from now I'll be on my own. Oh I'm already nerves for this day...

    Ashley: ash! miss you girl! How is raising two boys? I'm comming to you for pointers. ^ ^

  4. Wow what a gorgeous babe! I hope I get to meet him sometime soon! Maybe Christmas?

  5. Diana: Hey you~ Opal is getting so big! How old is she now? Are you going to Utah for Christmas? lucky you...