baby bunny's first meal :: rice cereal

 WJ started his solids! hooray!!
although i homemade HJ(my oldest)'s baby food, i didn't really know what i was doing and it was mostly trial and error.  this time around i feel a little more experienced on this whole thing and i am determined to make healthy baby food DELIGENTLY!

i enjoy cooking in a "traditional" way especially if it's for a baby. ( no microwave or electric blenders as they can break down nutrients). i'll try to share some korean style baby food as well in the future.

here is the recipe:

1. soak 1Tbsp(15ml) of organic rice in water for over 20 min.
2. drain the water and grind the rice into fine powder.
3. mix the rice power to 1cup of water.
4. bring it to boil on high heat then on low heat stir and cook until rice is cooked all the way. ( I strained it though the net one more time since this was his first meal and I didn't want any big chunks. you may add more or less water for desired consistency)


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