some where to call home

image via flickr
i remember the first year of moving from U.S. to Korea.  everything was so new and foreign.  moving away from all of the family and friends I knew was hard.  adjusting to a new country that I had forgotten in my childhood was hard. looking back, i think i was homesick most of my first year here.  now it's been four years since the big move. my my, how time fly's.  HJ was almost one when we came and now he's five years old, so i guess that's about right.

now that I've been here this long, i can really call this place home. as a family we've been in Korea more then we were in US! and i am so grateful that we were able to move out here. i've learned and experienced so many new and wonderful things. experiences that i would have never had if i was still living in my home town.  i've learned to understand cultural differences and  my eyes has been widened and our family's whole life style has changed.  and these changes are good changes.  in these four years of time we had moved once, but that was only a block away from our first place.  well, now we are about to make another move.  no, we're not moving back to the states, we'll still be here with in Korea.  but it will be somewhere new and foreign again.

there is sprinkles of excitement in the air. we still need to find a new nest and have lots of packing and unpacking to do but i know this will be a good change for us. after all, one thing what i've learned  is that home is where your loved ones are.


  1. Wow...where are you guys moving? Must be exciting and a little scary all at once!

    1. we're moving up north of Seoul ^ ^ yeah excited and a little scared...

  2. Unni! I hope you're doing well :) I miss talking to you~! Let's talk soon.

  3. Hopefully not too far north of Seoul. Moving is exciting, too bad it's not back to the states though.