Hair cut

HJ was born with lots of hair... So much that at 9 weeks he got his first hair cut at home... Since then every few months he has been getting his hair cut by mommy and daddy at home. But now it has become way too difficult to cut his hair since he just can not hold still! Plus with HJ crying it takes at least few hours... I've tried this in our bed while he was asleep, in bathtub while giving him a bath, in his highchair in front of a TV... but nothing seemed to work! and afterwords his hair everywhere!!! And did I mention his hair doesn't look that great either... So I decided to take him out to get his hair cut. Thankfully in Korea they have salons just for kids~!!!
All of the seats were cars or characters you can ride on... ^ ^
They also had private TV screens with wide selection of kids shows you can choose from.

 Each kid gets his or her very own hair stylest and an entertainer.  wow I was oh so impressed how fast her skills were with those scissors!
 HJ getting his hair blow-dried after the bath...
Oh man I love this place!
I am never cutting his hair at home again! For 20 bucks this place was sooooo worth it!

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