Pregnant with Cancer

After my diagnose of CML the next step was to determine the treatment for my cancer. Thanks to this new drug called Gleevec I didn't need to get Chemo. All I have to do is take few pills every day... They call it the miracle drug.  But the problem is my pregnancy, they were not sure what this drug will do to my baby since this drug is relitivly new. They don't have enough research or data on its effect on pregnancies. My husband and I decided that we don't want to take that risk with our baby's health. If it wasn't for the baby I might have never known that I had cancer. I don't want this drug to effect my baby's health in any way. My Doctor said that as long as my white blood cell count stay about the same with out a huge increase, we might be able to go full term with my pregnancy. I am greatful . Doctors will hold off on treatment for the sake of the baby but they will do what is called Leukapherisis. This Procedure pulls my blood from my veins, run it though a machine, separate my white blood cells,remove the white blood cells and pump my remainder of blood back into my body. They will do this to control my blood count until I deliver, which is about two months away. Then I would start Gleevec.
Right away I get a surgery to place a port on my right chest. This is a large tube that is placed in my vain to use during Leukapherisis. My first surgery ever... I never knew how painful surgeries could be. I can't move my upper body for a whole week. I'm on pain killers. From my neck to my right side of my chest I have this straw like tube that runs down underneath my skin with two ports hanging out. Every week from then on we go up to the U of U Huntsmen cancer center. I get hooked up to large and loud machine that has one tube extracting my blood and one tube pumping my blood back into my body... This takes about 2hrs. It is hard laying in same position for two hours with my huge belly. Baby seems to kick and move a lot during this time. I think he knows how uncomfortable and scared his mommy is.  But still I am greatful that I am able to go full term with this pregnancy.  I can't wait to meet this baby.  I try to keep happy toughts day to day and I am greatful.

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