2011 new year resolutions

#1. Get fit: This year I'm really going to try to exercise regularly so I can get fit and possibly get back to my pre-pregnancy weight... yes it has been almost four years since the birth of little rockstar and i'm still yet to be back where i should be.  To be honest i'm not your kind of outdoor sports loving gal.  But there is two things that I like. Not good at but LIKE, and that is yoga and tennis. This year I'm going to learn Yoga! fun~~~

#2 Take more pictures: This Christmas Oppa got me a new dslr camera for Christmas!!! I am soooo excited about it but I have no idea how to use it yet... for some reason electronics tend to have a short lifespan once it comes in my hands so I'm totally babying this thing right now.  I need to go though the instruction manual but it's all in Korean! I think I need to download an English version. 

#3: Make the most out of my wardrobe:  I'm currently planning to reorganize my closet to create a more working wardrobe for myself.  The whole reason why I started taking my outfit pictures was NOT because I wanted to become a stylish fashion blogger by any means but because I wanted to be more conscious of what i ware and be more creative with the pieces that I already have. 

#4. Read more books: This goal is two parted.  One is to read little rockstar 10 books a day.  This goal is continuum of my last year.  I usually keep a reading-log of what I read him daily.  Last year I did this on a Korean mommy community site as a groop but this time I'm on my own. I'm going to record his reading-log on little rockstars twitter.  I usually try to read him 7 books in Korean and 3 books in English.  Why more Korean books you ask? I simply  own more Korean books in broader subjects... The second part is for me.  I want to read at least one book a month. 

#5. Do mommy lessons more diligently:  So I do these little lessons at home for little rockstar.  Not anything elaborate, just a short little activities to help him learn. Buy last year I wasn't so organized in doing so.  I just did them whenever I had an extra time but this year I want to set a certain time every day so he can get in a habit of things.  I just think learning is part of parents role not just a teachers in school.  


  1. great resolutions. i need to do better about reading to my kids. sometimes i call it a day at 2 books. i am going to copycat you.

    and i've been wondering, what is your native language? do you speak both korean and english? any other languages?

  2. Just came across your blog and I love it. Your son is so handsome too :)

    Mon Mode Blog

  3. @heidiluxe I speak both Korean and English but I'm right in the middle where I can't call one my native lang.

    @Zanah Thanks for stopping by~