snippets of life: since you came

we fell in love with you the moment we meet you.
brought you home with us and welcomed you into our family.
grandpa and grandma loved holding you in their arms.
found out that you had high levels of jaundice so we had to be apart for a whole week.
grandma came from US to help and had to say goodbye to her when the time came.
cousins came down town to see you.
your anties family came to Korea to visit and you and your brother meet Lealah for the first time.
daddy got in a car accident but thankfully only the back bumper was hurt.
and we all fell more and more in love with you each day since...


  1. Ah this is soooo sweet! I love all of the photos and miss you guys~

  2. You need to update more! :) he is a doll, when will I see him in real life? :(

    1. Thanks Sarah~
      Hopefully soon! but I don't think I'm quite brave enough to fly with two kids just yet... hehe
      Miss you~~~!