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I used to love the J.crew catalog that I got monthly in the mail when I lived back in the states. But now, since I live over sea's I just get to enjoy the online version.  But when ever I flip though the pages, besides all the cute outfits, I end up starring at their lips. I don't wear that much make-up regularly but I have a weak spot for lipsticks.
That milky coral lipstick the model on the left is wearing is so pretty!  I have a lot of orange/coral lipsticks but I just can't seem to find the one that is matte pastel orange like the picture above! Do you think the colors are mixed? (I know lots of make-up artists who mix lipsticks to get the colors that they want) Well, if you know the lipstick color or any that are similar, please do share~

Do you like wearing lipsticks? whats your favorite beauty product? I know for my sister, it's mascaras all the way. She has probably used every brand that has come out. I guess you'll know this by the beauty product you have bought the most of in the past. I for sure have the most lipsticks on my vanity out of all the beauty products.

One little down side of wearing lipstick?
Stopping you from kissing your husband and babies 100x a day.

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