baby bunny's meal #2 :: rice&zucchini

i feed WJ the rice cereal that i made (posted here), once a day for five days straight.  it was so much fun to see his reaction.  i think he liked it, because he would open his mouth wide like a little birdie and lean forward for each  bite.  one minor part was that he hasn't really mastered the art of swallowing quite yet.  

instructions are simple:
1. prepare rice like i did here. (up to step #3)
2. cut up 5g (1tsp) of zucchini.  remove the skin and dice it up! (as fine as possible)
3. put it in with the grinned rice powder and 1cup of water and cook it together steering the whole time (so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan).
4. when the rice is all cooked and you have the desired consistency strain it though the net smashing the big pieces of zucchini and clumped rice.
*now it's ready for your baby!

so you thought...

but more then half of it still ends up in his bib.

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